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22.1% of UK population will block ads by 2017

22nd Apr 2016
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Ad blocking is a divisive subject. On one side, some see adblocking software as detrimental to publishing, and cite a potential $22 billion annual shortfall in advertising revenue as proof of the negative side-effects.

The other say ad blocking is focusing advertisers’ pursuit towards delivering better targeted, personalised, relevant advertising.

Whichever side you’re on, one thing is certain – consumers are blocking ads in their droves.

Data from eMarketer shows that adblocking in the UK will increase by 14.3% from 2014 to the start of next year.

16.6% of the entire population already block ads, and this is set to rise dramatically over the coming 12 months due to widespread recognition of software availability.

"There's no doubting that ad blocking is now a very real issue for advertisers. Next year, over a quarter of the people they're trying to reach will be wilfully making themselves unreachable," said eMarketer senior analyst Bill Fisher.

"The good news is that numbers like this have forced those within the industry to think long and hard about what it is that they need to do better in order that this practice doesn't become an epidemic."     

eMarketer says that of those that block ads, 90.2% do so on a desktop or laptop PC. 28% of users block ads on smartphones.


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