3A software ready for lift-off, says IDC

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According to recent research from IDC, the total European market for security 3A software is set to grow from $742 million last year to a thumping $2.4 billion in 2005.

What are these 3As which will boost security adoption and ebusiness expansion?
- Administration
- Authorization
- Authentication

"Security 3A software is the largest and fastest-growing segment within the security software market," said Thomas Raschke, program manager of IDC's European Internet Security center.

"Administration, authorization and authentication are the key security technologies that enable ebusinesses to expand their customer bases, increase online transactions and grow revenue at double-digit rates - while containing cost growth to single-digit levels. The key elements are secure transactions with greater authentication and granular authorization and privacy."

Small but powerful
Although still relatively small last year, Web Single Sign-On and Email Scanning software are expected to enjoy the highest growth rates with 61% and 45% respectively.

Legacy and Security Management products are expected to widen their 2000 market shares of 31% and 19% at a less dramatic pace.

Faster than firewalls
The total 3A software market will grow at almost 27% annually until 2005 - which is much faster than other security software areas such as antivirus and firewall solutions.

Security 3A software is used for administering security on computer systems or in an enterprise and includes the processes of:
- defining
- creating
- changing
- deleting
- auditing users.

Authentication software is used for verifying users' identities and avoiding repudiation. Authorization software is for determining resource access in conjunction with business policy. Also included is key management - the use of certificate authority to ensure that data and applications are trusted.

Administration software includes:
- Internet access control
- email scanning
- intrusion detection
- vulnerability assessment
- security management.

These are the leading 3A security software vendors in Europe and their products:

- IBM-Tivoli (SecureWay)
- Computer Associates (ACF2 and Top Secret)
- Ubizen (MultiSecure)
- Evidian, Groupe Bull (AccessMaster)
- Baltimore Technologies (MIMEsweeper)
- HP (VirtualVault)
- Symantec (Ghost)
- Internet Security Systems (RealSecure)
- SurfControl (SuperScout)
- Utimaco (SafeGuard)
- Netegrity (SiteMinder)

Follow the leader
IBM-Tivoli is the overall 3A security market leader in Europe. With its broad range of SecureWay products, its primary focus is the authorization market.

Computer Associates, traditionally strong in the mainframe and Unix environments, is in second place, with Belgium-based Ubizen, coming in at third place, having earned most of its revenue in France and the Benelux region.

RSA Security and France's Evidian, a subsidiary of Groupe Bull, complete the list of top five security 3A software vendors in Europe.

Who Are You - The Western European Market for Security 3A Software provides insight into this sector of the European security software industry, ranking vendors according to revenues in sub-markets and each Western European country.

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