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43% of marketers now using programmatic buying for ads

16th Dec 2015
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Forrester research, in conjunction with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in the US, says marketers have made “substantial changes” to their media buying strategies since 2014.

Although half of the marketers surveyed in 2014 are not yet familiar enough with programmatic buying to use it, 43% are now using multiple demand-side platforms (DSP) to enhance their programmatic advertising efforts.

Online display was the most common media used for programmatic in 2014, with 77% of users stating this to be most popular, compared to 36% for mobile. However, with mobile adoption ever-increasing, businesses are shifting to a mobile-first direction, and 89% of marketers confirmed they used DSP to purchase mobile display in 2015.

“Marketers are following consumers’ mobile behaviors to do the basic function that marketing must fulfill: deliver messages where the target audiences are,” said Jim Nail, principal analyst for Forrester.

“There is also the idea that, since devices are in consumers’ hands, mobile ads will receive high attention -- and thus be more effective than other strategies. For example, marketers are concerned with “banner blindness” and even ineffective TV ads because of DVR fast forward functionality, consumers’ constant channel switching, or simply their lack of attention during commercial breaks.”

According to the Advertising Intelligence Report from Turn earlier in the year, spending on video is also chasing mobile in terms of programmatic buying, with a 62% increase in year-on-year spend compared with 132% for mobile and just 17% in display, respectively.


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