70% of political parties ignore emails from potential voters

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A survey of the UK’s political parties shows that most simply ignore emails from potential voters.

Of the three main parties Labour was the fastest to respond providing a personal reply in just over a day. More than a week after the survey was carried out both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats had still failed to respond.

In all 40 political parties standing candidates in the General Election were emailed on 23 May. The email said that they were unsure of who to vote for and asked for the party’s positions on Europe, health and education. Almost 70% failed to respond with just 13 parties providing an answer.

“If parties are really interested in winning over voters then they must perform better than this. Voters are just like customers and they don’t like the delay, they expect the Internet to be quicker,” explained Owen Lamont, CEO and chairman of Gem, a company that handles the email response and marketing requirements for very large organisations.

The fastest response came from the Welsh Liberal Democrats who responded in just 51 minutes with a short personalised message and attached copies of pages from its manifesto. The Labour Party made good use of technology by initially sending an automated response followed up later by a personalised response actually providing very comprehensive answers to the questions.

On many websites it was hard to even find an email address. Particularly bad was the UK Independence Party where the email address was hidden amongst a confusing array of options.

The Greens was the easiest site to navigate with a clear email link on the home page, although this was marred because they failed to actually respond.

The Conservative Party website was one of only four to provide no email address at all, although it did provide a feedback form.

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