80% of mid-sized NA companies claim humongous CRM software is too much

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New study demonstrates changes in CRM buying patterns

Vancouver, BC - 30 April 2002. Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq: PVTL; TSE: PVT), the leading provider of sensible customer relationship management (CRM) software, today announced the results of a comprehensive study conducted by an independent research company. The study results indicate that about 80 per cent of mid-sized companies claim humongous CRM software is too expensive, time-consuming and difficult to implement.

The study results indicate new CRM software buying patterns and preferences -companies are scrutinizing their CRM purchases, demanding pilots and requiring up-front proof that CRM will positively impact their businesses.

"This study clearly demonstrates that mid-sized enterprises are demanding fast, cost-effective and results-driven CRM software," said John O'Hara, Exec VP EMEA, Pivotal. "We're seeing a shift in CRM buying patterns because mid-sized enterprises believe that ‘humongous' CRM is over-engineered, too costly and too difficult to implement. These companies are spending more time scrutinizing their CRM purchasing decisions and demanding software that is specifically architected to meet the technology and business requirements of mid-sized enterprises."

Mid-Sized Enterprises State Opinions

The study, conducted by Advantage Business Research and sponsored by Pivotal, was designed to gain insight into the CRM buying behaviors and preferences of mid-sized enterprises. The quantitative and qualitative findings are based on survey responses from approximately two hundred technology and business professionals from companies or business units in the revenue range of $100 million to $3 billion.

  • The findings indicate that CRM decision-makers at mid-sized enterprises have three key criteria for evaluating CRM software: easy customization, cost-effectiveness, and fast integration with back-end and front-end systems.
  • More than 96 per cent of all study respondents claimed that their company would buy CRM software that is the 'right technology fit', rather than buying on brand recognition or vendor size alone.
  • The study also indicates that more than 68 percent of mid-sized enterprises believe large enterprise CRM software (such as Siebel, Oracle and SAP) has more features than they will need.
  • 94 per cent of the respondents stated that given the option, they would choose to test-drive their CRM software before making a purchase.

Purpose-Built for Mid-Sized Enterprises

Since the launch of a new corporate strategy in October 2001, Pivotal has been advocating the unique needs of the mid-sized enterprise market and promoting a complete CRM suite designed specifically for mid-sized companies.

According O'Hara, "Mid-sized companies have three CRM options - shrink-wrapped CRM, humongous CRM, or Pivotal's sensible CRM suite that is specifically designed for mid-sized enterprises. Pivotal is the only CRM vendor that understands the unique needs of mid-sized enterprises and is 100 percent committed to fulfilling their technology and business needs. Pivotal offers clear, complete, sensible CRM - with fast and easy integration, a flexible price-point and the option to try before you buy."

This research is the first of a series of mid-sized enterprise market studies Pivotal will be commissioning. It is another indication of the company's concerted effort to serve the needs of the mid-sized enterprise market by focusing exclusively their unique needs.

About Advantage Business Research
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About Pivotal Corporation
Pivotal Corporation offers clear, complete and sensible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that delivers results for a fraction of the cost of typical CRM software. Pivotal's customers are companies and business units in the revenue range of $100 million to $3 billion. Pivotal and its partners provide the software, services, and support required to produce significant improvements in marketing, sales, and service effectiveness for mid-sized entrepreneurial enterprise companies. More than 1,400 companies globally use Pivotal including: Hewlett Packard, CIBC, HarperCollins Publishers, Hitachi Telecom Inc., Intrawest Corporation, Vivendi, Royal Bank of Canada, Southern Company, and Ziff Davis Media Inc.

Pivotal's advanced software technology includes powerful capabilities in: CRM, Internet commerce, interactive selling, partner management, and wireless technologies. For more information visit:


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