A plug for corporate security leaks

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As many as four out of five mergers and acquisitions are at risk because of the security implications of using electronic communication, according to industry research.

Security specialist Protek warns that the vast majority of senior executive communication is at risk of being undermined by a lack of secure and controlled information exchange.

Electronic communication is simple to intercept, in widespread use, and easily spread via the Internet (sometimes inadvertently). This can have stock market repercussions well before official announcements are made.

In response to this, Protek has launched CEOspace, which gives enhanced security for Internet-based document exchange. It is designed to provide a secure environment for top-level negotiation and other confidential intra- and inter-company communication. CEOspace offers security for sensitive communications and secure documents, both inside and outside a company.

Designed for a small, closed group of top executives from one or more organisations, CEOspace creates a secure tactical network, logically separated from existing systems and networks, but using the same physical infrastructure.

It enables executives to share sensitive documents without the risk of leaks, whilst using their normal PCs over non-secure links. CEOspace fits into the normal executive office environment unobtrusively and seamlessly.

“Information leaks can have severe implications for any business,” said Geoff Butcher, managing director at Protek. “The Internet has made it extremely easy to spread information quickly. Senior executives cannot even afford to share sensitive details with say, the IT department, during critical negotiations, let alone risk competitors getting their hands on them.”

“Protek already provides secure Internet solutions to the Government and military organisations such as NATO,” Butcher continued. “CEOspace brings this tried and tested technology to a commercial environment.”

Protek is headquartered in the UK with offices in Norway and the US. It has representative offices in South Africa and Hong Kong. Its partners include Lucent, Object Design, Vertel, Comptel Oy, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation.


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