A vision for license-exempt broadband networks

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Air2Lan has been designated a Cisco powered network provider, enabling the company to rapidly deploy broadband wireless access (BWA) networks using the 5.7 GHz frequency band.

“Broadband” allows transfer speeds of up to 50 times faster than standard dial-up modems. This allows users to communicate with the internet much faster and speeds the transfer of large documents, streamed media such as MP3 and video files, and graphics-oriented applications such as interactive games, while facilitating more efficient e-commerce transactions.

Cisco’s VOFDM technology ensures a more reliable signal to customer locations previously out of reach due to line-of-sight issues.

Air2Lan CEO Jai P. Bhagat said: “Utilizing the 5.7GHz U-NII band provides us with an instant DS3 backbone to provide enhanced services such as VPNs and VOIP. Cisco’s broadband fixed wireless technology is a key element to allow us to deploy high bandwidth access in markets where broadband is currently unattainable, and to offer an alternative to wireline broadband services.”

Air2Lan launched its service in Jackson in May 2000 and will complete its Dallas rollout before the end of 2000. The company now plans to initiate service in all major US markets.



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