A weapon against e-mail overload

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Desktop users can now find information and documents instantly, without time-consuming disk and server searches.

Metastorm InfoWise, an innovative tool for Novell’s GroupWise acts as an electronic mailbox assistant to capture information in e-mail messages, attachments, folders, appointments, tasks and notes.

It also provides an uncomplicated interface that makes information easily accessible by giving examples. The more InfoWise is used, the more it applies learning from past placements and searches to future requests.

It also acts as a personal assistant to help users regain control of e-mail.

“Most of us hold so much information in our inboxes that we just can’t remember where it’s all stored. This means that locating relevant items can be time-consuming and stressful,” said Brian McPhee, vice-president of marketing at Metastorm.

“The amount of information available to today’s businesses is enormous; but that information has little value unless it can be harnessed,” said Leif Pedersen, director of product management for GroupWise. “The combination of InfoWise and the GroupWise bridges this gap between information and knowledge to help drive informed decisions.”


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