Accenture’s new solution launched
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Accenture has joined forces with five major integration and software suppliers to provide a set of solutions targeted towards the business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces. Initially, The solution set will be used in the utilities, metals and mining, forest products, and energy industries, and then expanded to clients in other industries. The solutions are structured to address issues associated with marketplaces, provision of web storefronts, content management and internal integration. In conjunction with these vendors, Accenture has developed solutions that allow for swift, cost-effective implemention.

The new offering from Accenture makes use of a mixture of pre-packaged and customized software components to address single and multiple marketplace connections. This combination of product and hosting service providers should ultimately provide participants with one of the broadest sets of options across all markets.

The first B2B marketplace to take advantage of Accenture’s powerful new solution is Quadrem, the mining, minerals and metals eMarketplace. Quadrem’s selected Accenture first on finding that it met all criteria of the mining, minerals and metals eMarketplace integrator certification program. Quadrem CEO Mike Efting explained the choice: “Our Preferred and Certified program provides us the opportunity to offer highly qualified systems integrators, like Accenture, to our trading partners. We are committed to making integration to our marketplace easy, fast and inexpensive for our participants.

“Accenture’s offering is designed to facilitate the integration of buyers and sellers into eMarketplaces, such as Quadrem, a prerequisite for achieving the increased volumes that are the goal of eMarketplaces”, said Bill Morris, Accenture partner, Resources. “Sellers should find the price compelling and will like the emphasis on differentiation. By joining with the leading B2B solution providers, Accenture is making a further commitment to helping unlock B2B’s value promise.”

The solution strategy is designed to offer three key benefits:

1 - Providing solutions that are packaged, with rapid, lower cost implementation approaches so as to control and reduce the overall cost to the sellers and buyers.
2 - Addressing the challenges faced by buyers and sellers of all sizes when they are considering integration. It addresses content management and distribution channels, as well as the actual integration of multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other applications to one or many marketplaces.
3 - Offering outsourcing services to operate some or all of the solutions implemented as part of the project.

Accenture has joined forces with five of the key integration and software vendors in the marketplace: Click Commerce, Intershop, Microsoft, Peregrine Systems, and webMethods. “These vendors were selected for the quality of their current B2B solutions and their vision”, said Bill Morris. The solutions will cover most aspects relevant to marketplace participants:

  • Application integration and quick connectivity to one or many marketplaces.
  • Transaction formats such as electronic data interchange (EDI) or direct connection with ERP systems are available. Accenture offers a scalable architecture, which allows low initial costs to connect to one marketplace, but can also be kept and expanded to handle connectivity with many other marketplaces.
  • Web storefront solutions, enabling suppliers to manage their complex sales channels, differentiate their products and offer value-added services to their customers while being tightly connected to marketplaces.
  • Hosted connectivity solutions for those wishing to leverage existing EDI infrastructures to connect to marketplaces while minimizing their capital investment.

    By working with these leading providers to develop joint solutions and implementation procedures, as well as by offering reduced software and labor costs, Accenture should be able to shorten the implementation time, lower the overall risk and cost of integration and meet the needs of the marketplace participants.

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