Acme Celebrates Astounding Fourth-Quarter 2000 Financial Results
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Acme, the world leaders in streamlining magnetic e-business, have announced astounding financial results for the fourth quarter, 2000.

Total net revenues were just over $12 million, double the $6 million reported for the previous year. "We're ecstatic to have made so much money so quickly, and feel vindicated in claiming our position as number 1 in the streamlining magnetic e-business sector" said John Smith, chief executive officer of Acme. "We have also recently signed deals with several major players in the magnetic e-business industry, so we have every reason to believe that our success will continue well into 2001."

Acme was founded in 1995, and quickly asserted its leading position in the world of streamlining magnetic e-business, providing unquestionably high quality levels of products and services and consistently maintaining a high profile amongst its competitors.

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