Acxiom corporation joins cpExchange
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Acxiom Corporation Joins Customer Profile Exchange

Acxiom Corporation, the database marketing service provider, has announced its participation in the Customer Profile Exchange Network (CPExchange) Working Group.

The CPExchange initiative seeks to develop a vendor-neutral, open standard for facilitating the privacy-enabled exchange of customer information across varying and separate applications and systems. The CPExchange standard integrates online and offline data with an eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based description of customer information for use within various enterprise applications

An Acxiom press release stated, 'Few of today's enterprises share a unified view of their customers, leaving customer support, order management, lead sharing and other business functions to work independently to identify customers' needs. This inability to share information severely limits the level of customer service that can be provided and increases unnecessary redundancies in costs.'

Acxiom joins 22 other companies, including Compaq, IBM, Oracle, Siebel Systems, and Sun/Netscape. CPExchange is expected to be available as an open-source standard by the middle of 2000.

Acxiom Company Leader Charles D. Morgan has proposed that CPExchange promises multiple benefits for all who are interested in enabling companies to integrate customer data to create a singular holistic view of their customers. "Many people have talked for some time about the potential of Customer Relationship Management. CPExchange will help make the promise of CRM a reality". 

In addition to standardizing customer data collection and integration, companies Acxiom have noted that companies will be better able to honor consumer privacy requests with privacy-enabled components defined within the standard. "Acxiom has been aggressive since day one in protecting consumer privacy and how data is used, and CPExchange is another positive step in that direction," Morgan said.

"The promise of Customer Relationship Management rests on getting past the concept and making it simple for companies to integrate customer data — real-time and accurately — and apply the knowledge across their enterprise. Acxiom's participation in the CPExchange Network is an important factor to achieving this goal," according to Donovan Gow, Senior Research Analyst of the Aberdeen Group.

The CPExchange Network is a member group of the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance), which provides support to several working groups engaged in developing industry-specific applications of both vertical and cross-industry open information standards.

"We are excited to welcome Acxiom into the CPExchange Network," said IDEAlliance Chief Technology Officer Paul Conn. "With 30 years of experience in integrating customer data, Acxiom brings significant expertise in solving the challenge of customer data integration."

The CPExchange Network Working Group is chaired by Siebel Systems, the Marketing Committee is co-chaired by net.Genesis and Vignette Corporation, and IBM chairs the Technical Committee. The CPExchange Network Working Group is hosted by IDEAlliance, a neutral, non-profit organization that also hosts ICE, PRISM and several other XML working groups.



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