Akibia cuts new ground and adds a bit of TLC

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Akibia has formalized its long-time philosophy of customer service by creating two new roles within its IT support services (ITSS) division: customer relationship managers and customer advocates.

Akibia has practiced a customer-centric philosophy – known as TLC, or ‘Think Like a Customer’ – since signing its first customer, but recently rolled out a formal TLC program to all ITSS employees.

“In today’s uncertain economy it’s more important than ever that companies take extra good care of customers,” said Cathy Daigrepont, director of CRM at Akibia. “With dedicated people to manage the day-to-day relationships with each customer, we can be sure the client gets an exceptional level of service.”

Akibia is initially introducing the new customer relationship manager role to its 25 largest customers, and will continue to roll out the program to additional clients throughout the year.

A customer relationship manager will become the single point of contact for a client regardless of the need. Whether a client requires help with a technical problem or is graduating to a new level of service, the customer relationship manager will make sure that all of the client’s questions are answered.

Akibia’s new Customer Advocacy Group will operate independently of the customer relationship managers and will be called upon when a customer has an unresolved issue.

A customer advocate will become the voice of the customer, acting on their behalf to solve problems – and make sure that changes are made so that the problems don’t happen again. The group also performs trending and analysis to make sure that Akibia is striving for continuous improvement with its customers.

Customer relationship managers and customer advocates work together to improve service delivery programs based on client needs. Once an Akibia advocate identifies a process improvement for one customer, the group then figures out how to use it to benefit the entire customer base.

“Akibia has always strived to be a business partner that is ‘always there’ for its customers,” said Dane Donaldson, Akibia’s vice president of operations. “In our 12 years of providing IT services, we’ve established a record of retaining long-time clients and building new relationships using the TLC philosophy of providing exceptional customer service.”

About Akibia, Inc.
Formed by the merging of Polaris Service and Polaris Solutions, Akibia provides CRM consulting services. Headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts with principal offices in New York, Dallas, Chicago, Silicon Valley and Amsterdam, the company employs more than 450 people worldwide. Clients include Cisco Systems, Bell & Howell, PTC, Bose Corporation and AT&T Corp.


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