Akibia finds incentive for its new eCRM solution

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Akibia’s new eCRM solution is being used by Incentive Systems’ entire worldwide sales force. Akibia is providing flexHosting services to manage the solution.

Incentive says it can shorten the sales cycle by increasing collaboration between inside and outside sales forces. Its sales, service and marketing are integrated into one database, saving time and money.

“Our business is growing exponentially around the world. Akibia and Siebel gave us the ability to standardize our operations with a program that meets all our business needs and provides us with a unified view of the customer,” said John Desmond, VP of Worldwide Sales at Incentive.

“With Akibia’s solution, we have complete visibility of all our customers through a collaborative and integrated database. This enables us to gain the most value from our system and set the stage for long-term success,” Desmond added.

The 16-week project was divided into three phases. During the first six-week phase, Akibia consolidated all of the existing customer management systems into one central database. This enabled Incentive Systems to establish a single view of every customer.

During the second six-week period, Incentive’s customer service processes were configured into the same database.

The final stage of implementation involved Akibia’s integration of the new eCRM solution with Incentive’s web site. This enabled Incentive to automatically forward all requests for information and technical support questions to the appropriate resource within the organization.

At Incentive Systems, Akibia is acting as an on-site ASP, managing the application within Incentive System’s data center. In addition to application management, Akibia is also providing Incentive Systems end-user support, application administration and education.

“Incentive Systems needed experienced consultants and a flexible, scalable eCRM solution that would support the company’s long-term growth,” said Brad Waugh, president of flexHosting at Akibia. “We worked with Incentive Systems to design, implement, and support an Internet-enabled solution that puts customers first and delivers value to the entire organization.”

Incentive Systems is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Akibia was formed in 2000, from the merger of Polaris Service and Polaris Solutions, and is headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts with US offices in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fremont, and New York, and international offices in London, Amsterdam and Arnhem.


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