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Altavista search engine finds new e-business

26th Mar 2000
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AltaVista Company, a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc., has announced the AltaVista Search Engine 3.0 for e-business. Designed for e-commerce companies, portals and global enterprises, the scalable architecture of Search Engine 3.0 meets the demands of sophisticated web environments, and contains new technologies designed to improve the experience people have online.

Formed earlier this year, AltaVista Business Solutions licenses search products that leverage the technology underlying AltaVista's search service used daily by millions of people in business, research, education and governments throughout the world.

Ariba, Inc., provider of business-to-business commerce solutions, has also selected Search Engine 3.0 for use within the Ariba B2B Commerce Platform. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“Product discovery is a key process for Ariba's customers. AltaVista Search Engine 3.0 helps users find exactly what they are looking for,” said Ken Leung, vice president of engineering, Ariba Network. “The scalability and customisability of AltaVista's technology is an important element of Ariba's catalogue infrastructure.”

Search Engine 3.0's new linguistic query processing tools recognise queries that are likely to fail and turn them into queries that are likely to succeed. Automated database gathering technology makes it easy for administrators to enable web search of company databases, with no code to write. Support for over 30 languages and 225 file formats allows companies to expand into global markets and handle almost any type of information.

“E-commerce has changed everything,” said Jeff Black, AltaVista’s vice president. “As B2B companies and exchanges proliferate, differentiation becomes critical. The quality of a user's experience hinges upon the power and effectiveness of search. We're delighted to be working with companies that are leading the e-commerce revolution.”

Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company, gives business people access to current and historical articles from more than 7,000 news, business and trade sources. “Our customers require quick access to relevant information to continuously make their best business decisions,” said Dave Weller, CTO, Factiva. “AltaVista has helped us achieve our goals, notably with better response times and in supporting simultaneous searching across multi-language content sets.”

CMGI Solutions and Compaq Computer Corporation will also offer their customers the new AltaVista Search Engine 3.0. Terms of the agreements were not disclosed.

“We are pleased to be working with two of the leading providers of web business solutions,” said Jeff Black, vice president, AltaVista Business Solutions. “Professional, customised search technology is a vital part of a successful web site.”

CMGI Solutions will provide AltaVista Search Engine 3.0 as part of its SolutionsPort™ offering, a platform that unites customers’ disparate systems under one common, interoperable interface and accommodates fast growth and change.

Compaq Services will offer AltaVista Search Engine 3.0 to enable customers to conduct business online with buyers, suppliers and partners 24 hours a day.

“In the competitive world of electronic business and the Internet there are no second chances,” said Nick Sharma, vice president, Professional Services, Compaq. “With global language support, and fast, customisable results, Search Engine 3.0 is a powerful tool that we use to help businesses compete and differentiate themselves in the online global marketplace.”

AltaVista Search Engine 3.0 includes:
*Query processing tools to improve the success rate of incoming searches

*Search developer's kit to create custom search applications that work with any type of information

*Database search with automated gathering using a simple wizard to set up complex searches

*Advanced web gathering algorithms for web sites to maintain fresher, more comprehensive search results

*Multiple indices and gatherers to collect data from multiple sources, each on a different schedule.

AltaVista is a media and commerce network offering Internet users up-to-the-minute news, live video, content, search and shopping resources. The company integrates unique technology, products and services to deliver relevant results faster for both individuals and businesses. A majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc.  Andover, Mass., AltaVista is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.


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