Andersen Consulting and CAS Americas break down barriers
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Andersen Consulting and CAS Americas have announced a strategic alliance that will dissolve the barriers between consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers. 

By means of a web-based CRM solution, the alliance will address the problems that increase costs and inhibit growth in the industry, by integrating sales processes for customers, suppliers, vendors and internal management. Consumer packaged goods marketing, sales and service departments will have access to an extendable, customizable, scalable platform, designed and architected from the ground up. One important benefit will be that manufacturers and retailers will be able to collaborate real-time via the internet to plan promotional events. 

The alliance is also creating a laboratory in Atlanta to showcase the CAS iFoundation series of products and allow the companies to host workshops on the management of consumer packaged goods organizations in the eEconomy. The lab is expected to open this summer. 

“Consumer packaged goods manufacturers spend $25 billion per year on trade promotions and generate true incremental revenues of only $2-4 billion,” said Ralph Riedel, partner in Andersen Consulting. “We want to leverage eCommerce and its technology to make every customer encounter more valuable for them. Through joining forces with CAS, we can offer a solution that fills in the cracks to provide a seamless trading environment.” 

Greg Doyle, CEO at CAS, said: “With our internet-based solution, we can break down the four walls of a consumer products company and enable it to improve its operating margins, lower its cost basis, increase communications and blur the boundaries of all trade channels.”

Andersen Consulting is an $8.9 billion global management and technology consulting organization which works with clients from a wide range of industries to link their people, processes and technologies to their strategies. Andersen has approximately 65,000 people in 48 countries. 

CAS is the world's leading provider of CRM software for the consumer products industry. 


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