Antivirus solution protects against Trojan horse
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Symantec is secure against the first Trojan horse for the Palm platform. Palm.Liberty.A was released as a patch for a Palm application called Liberty, but it is actually a malicious program that deletes applications from the device.

“Norton AntiVirus detects Palm.Liberty.A on the desktop PC before the application is synchronized to the device,” said Vincent Weafer, senior director of the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC). “Symantec is prepared to protect its customers against emerging malicious threats across a variety of platforms.”

SARC has had no confirmed reports of users being affected by this Trojan. However, if there is reason to believe that a Palm device is infected, the user should set the Hot Sync manager to Desktop Overwrite Handheld. This over-writes the infected files with the clean version on the desktop.

Norton AntiVirus customers can download the current virus definition set, which includes protection from the Palm.Liberty.A Trojan horse, or from the Symantec web site.

The sun, they say, never sets on SARC, the industry’s largest dedicated team of virus experts, with offices in the United States, Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands. The center provides swift, global responses to computer virus threats, develops technologies that eliminate threats, and educates the public on safe computing practices.

Symantec is a provider of virus protection, risk management, Internet content and e-mail filtering, remote management and mobile code detection technologies to customers. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, the company has worldwide operations in more than 33 countries.


Symantec Antivirus Center


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10th Apr 2015 11:29

Here are some factors that can protect your PC/laptop from Trojan horse virus-

1. Protect your computer with strong security software

2. Use a security-conscious Internet service provider (ISP)

3. Enable automatic Windows updates

4. Use caution when opening attachments

5. Download the latest version of your browser

6. Configure your instant messaging application correctly


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