Apropos solution solves help-desk problems for surveillance firm

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Spawar Systems Center, Charleston, has chosen Apropos’ Multimedia Interaction Management solution for its IT help desk - especially for its powerful voice features. Spawar designs and builds many of the finest frontline command, surveillance and reconnaissance systems.

The internal help desk at Spawar Systems Center, Charleston is using the Apropos solution to manage phone calls from customers with IT questions. Currently, the help desk receives over 100 calls per day, and has only three full-time agents to manage these calls.

The solution provides agents with screen pops so that when an agent receives a call, all the customer information appears at the desktop. The integration identifies callers, and enables agents to monitor calls.

“We currently use the Apropos solution and find that it meets our needs,” said Marsha Hassell, public affairs officer at Spawar Systems Center.

Dennis Eilks, senior vice president of global sales at Apropos, said, “The solution gives customers the ability to manage their customer relationships effectively, with the potential for expansion into other multimedia channels.”

Apropos Technology, Inc develops, markets and supports a comprehensive interaction management solution for managing real-time customer interactions across a variety of communications media. Headquartered in Illinois, USA, the company provides integrated multimedia interaction management solutions and has 225 clients worldwide.



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21st Aug 2015 08:13

There are various reasons a help desk can make your job easier and make your business more productive. Here are a few ways a help desk can provide numerous solutions:-1)      Work more efficiently2)      Multitask smarter3)      Track trouble ticket time4)      Prioritize tasks5)      Customize to meet your needs. 

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