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Exchange Applications subsidiary eXstatic Software, has released its emarketing solution eXstatic eCampaign Designer 2.0. 

eXstatic claim theirs is the first permission-based, email marketing tool to provide real-time, on-line reporting, a Web-based user interface for personalized content and support of 21 languages. 

Available in either a hosted ASP (from $10,000 per month) or product model ($75,000 for a perpetual license), eXstatic eCampaign Designer 2.0 is expected to allow companies new to the Web to get started immediately with emarketing, and experienced dot.coms and click-and-mortars to enhance existing emarketing strategies. The company also points out the  enterprise scaleability and architecture of the solution, which they say will provide companies with a clear path toward a fully integrated eCRM solution.

The aim with eCampaign Designer 2.0 is to help companies communicate with customers more effectively via email and the Web.  eXstatic emphasises conistency with parent company Exchange Applications in stressing the importance of ensuring that messages are timely, relevant and personalized.

"The true measures of successful emarketing are customers that look forward to communication from companies," said Gino Borland, founder of eXstatic Software. "eXstatic eCampaign Designer 2.0 gives marketers the ability to deliver meaningful, personalized contact based on each customer’s interests while abiding by permission-based marketing best practices. Long-term, interactive relationships and strong customer service can lead to measurable increases in profitability for all kinds of companies."

The new product has been designed with ease of use in mind, aiming to offer business-minded people adequate control of web technologies and easy ways to monitor and evaluate campaigns.

    Digital commerce service Qpass the leading is implementing eXstatic’s eCampaign Designer 2.0 to create targeted emarketing campaigns and expand its customer base. "Qpass strongly believes that personalized, permission-based marketing is essential to building strong, interactive relationships with customers," said Chase Franklin, founder and CEO of Qpass. "We had several criteria in mind when evaluating emarketing solutions: a strong adherence to opt-in practices, the ability to implement software in-house to provide our marketers with maximum flexibility, and the ability to scale with our swift growth."

    In an era where profitability is of increasing importance, both dot.coms and click-and-mortars are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory.  Financial analysts and investors are looking to companies to justify marketing strategies with concrete numbers.  As a practise, opt-in, permission-based email commands a fair amount of respect in Web marketing, but to be truly credible, it must be quantifiable, and eXstatic say their new product makes that possible.  

    The company claims its trackable links and real-time, on-line reporting features give companies feedback to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and deliver better customer service.  Keen to distance themselves from down-market butchers, eXstatic point to a Jupiter Communications report that says a typical targeted emarketing response rate can be as high as 15 to 20 percent, while "spam" elicits less than one percent response.

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