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Companies worried about corporate information leaks can now protect all executive electronic communications.

Security specialist Protek has launched CEOspace an Internet-based document exchange system designed to offer unequalled security for closed groups who wish to safely store and exchange sensitive information.

Protek which has a history in Internet and military security technology, found that up to 80% of mergers and acquisitions are at risk because of the security implications of using electronic communication – particularly the Internet.

"The Internet has made it easy to spread information, often with very damaging effects," said Geoff Butcher, managing director at Protek. "By developing CEOspace, we are bringing the lessons learnt working with both government and military organisations such as Nato into the commercial environment, where security is everything."

Developed jointly with the Dutch telecommunications company KPN, CEOspace will be demonstrated for the first time in the UK at the InfoSecurity Europe 2000 show. 


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