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As a supporter of conservatism - both big and little 'c' -  the very British journal, "The Daily Telegraph" might not leap to mind as a cutting-edge champion of radical change.   How deceptive appearances can be!

Several years ago, the Telegraph was the first UK daily (by its own admission) to take its message online, and today their site gets over 75,000 user-sessions a month.

Britain's "best-selling quality daily" as has just invested in a package from UK firm Swallow Information Systems Ltd, which comes under the headline Specialist Customer Feedback Management Tool.  The software will help them follow up and respond to the hundreds of reader enquiries which are received daily, including some from 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells'. 

These can relate to a variety of issues including: competitions, promotions, editorial content, printing problems, newspaper deliveries and reader offers. 

Swallow say that Charter 2000 will enable the team to log all the enquiry information in a central system.   The software will then divide up the workload equally amongst the team members and prompt them to investigate each enquiry and send an appropriate response to the reader. 

An alert system is set to ensure that readers’ enquiries are handled in the shortest possible time. Urgent enquiries can be flagged up as priorities to make sure that the reader is contacted straight away. 

“We get so many different types of enquiry and the number is growing everyday. Charter 2000 will help us manage the workload and ensure that any customer queries are resolved in the shortest possible time,” says Suzy Ibarra, reader relations manager at The Daily Telegraph. 

“We really wanted software that would give us the efficiency of a call centre solution but with a more personal approach. Swallow’s software helps us to do that. Information can be accessed instantly and we can customise the system to suit our needs and the needs of our readers,” he added. 

“Using Charter 2000 The Daily Telegraph will be able to accelerate its customer service and reduce administration time and paperwork. Reader enquiries will be easier to track, manage, process and resolve,” said Andy Hunter, managing director at Swallow Information Systems.

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