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First Web Analysis Solution Designed to Help e-businesses turn Website Visitors into Buying Customers

Quadstone today announced CustomerConversion, billed as the first comprehensive software solution that enables e-businesses to understand and predict online customer buying behavior and drive customer profitability. 

Quadstone say that CustomerConversion analyzes web and other data from a customer behavior standpoint - as opposed to merely generating static web traffic reports. 

Understanding customer behavior, and what really drives on-line selling, helps e-marketers optimize customer acquisition resources, target profitable customer segments and convert web visitors into long-term loyal customers.

Reports of the holiday season's stunning increase in online sales have kept e-tailers in a state of dizzying euphoria. However, as industry reports indicate, a large number of e-businesses rushed to establish a web presence in time for the holiday season and therefore do not know who their customers are let alone grasp the intricacies of their purchase behavior. To ensure long-term success online, savvy e-tailers know they need to understand online behavior patterns in order to influence customer behavior effectively.

Quadstone claim they are responding to this urgent need with their new software, bridging the gap between e-commerce and customer intelligence. Unlike alternative solutions that merely report on how many page view hits have been logged, Quadstone stress that they tackle the "why" issues as well,  helping businesses to implement effective marketing approaches.

"Quadstone is now working with a leading online pharmacy who had conducted an extensive search to find a solution that could analyze their large volumes of e-customer data and identify groups most likely to become long term online customers," said Mark Smith, President of Quadstone Inc. "Quadstone was the only company to demonstrate - in a matter of days - that we could draw, from a large pool of data, answers to their exhaustive list of customer behavior questions. But more importantly they were thrilled that CustomerConversion is flexible enough to answer future questions - ones they are unable to anticipate today."


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