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Lawson have launched the first component of the company's CRM offering LAWSON INSIGHT II Customer Relationship Management, which sees the established ERP player taking the plunge in the CRM Solutions arena.  

Lawson say that their new product, LAWSON INSIGHT II Sales Force Automation, is tightly integrated with their Business Management System, connecting strategic front-office applications with Lawson's back-office transaction and analytic application suites. The product is in early release at several companies; general availability follows within 90 days. 

The package designed to leverage Lawson's Self-Evident Applications technology and n-tier, open architecture to connect multiple enterprises and provide self-service features and functionality. 

A complete e-business solution encompassing all aspects of customer relationship management, Lawson say their CRM solution features the innovative Customer Timeline™, which draws on enterprise data to provide a complete and concise graphical status display of all customer interactions, including revenue, expense and profitability. A complete, 360-degree view of all aspects of customer relationships, they emphasize,  is an essential component of value-added CRM solutions.

"Lawson doesn't follow our competitors' strategy of jumping into the CRM market through acquisition, making a big marketing splash and then leaving customers high and dry while they spend months or years working through integration issues," said Terry Weir, field development director, Advanced Technologies, Lawson Software. "We are already delivering in beta the first module of a complete CRM solution designed and developed from day one to completely integrate with all LAWSON INSIGHT II applications."

Lawson understand that CRM software solutions provide companies with a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining customers, and maximizing the revenue potential of the existing customer base. They add the assertion that integrating CRM solutions with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is essential for e-business strategy success.

"To effectively manage customer relationships and achieve strong e-business outcomes, you have to get to that wealth of information stored and managed in back-office applications and data warehouses," said Liz Malis, research director, Benchmarking Partners. "That depth of integration provides the information needed to customize sales, marketing and support efforts to best serve each customer. Full integration to the back-office is essential for automating the sales force and streamlining customer-oriented processes."


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