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6th Dec 1999
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Business intelligence (BI) solutions developer Cognos has launched Platinum Service program, a package of enterprise deployment and support services. Cognos claim their program adds enterprise-scale, premium-level service to its support services and BI solutions for e-business, ensuring customer confidence in the deployment, administration and use of their solution.

Organizations recognize BI as a critical part of reporting and decision-making in the e-business environment, say Cognos, and they are looking for a single company who can insure success.  Focusing on short delivery-time, the company say the key to the program is the increased level of personal and customized support provided by the enterprise account manager, and the resources he can call upon.

"In today's Web-based economy, it is not only essential that our customers succeed but it is also essential they meet their objectives in the shortest period of time possible. Platinum Service is another piece of Cognos' overall strategy to exploit Internet infrastructure to support the demands of large enterprise customers," said Ben Plummer, Cognos vice president of North American technical services.

The press-release that was available to CRM-News made no mention of charges for the platinum service.  However, the name as well as the description suggest increased premium.  

Following criticisms of CRM for chasing the horizon in terms of deployment time, Cognos may have hit on a way of securing management buy-in by agreeing to face post-purchase challenges with their clients.  This promise may also be made far more credible and appealing because of it's premium billing.  The notion that you get what you pay for seems to be gaining weight throughout the IT world - particularly for up-market companies who may have more confidence in their buying power than they do in their own IT department.   


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