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According to research, only quirky e-mail addresses survive the five-pint challenge. challenged 30 executives aged 18-30 years to see how they could recall e-mail addresses after they had been drinking. The results were salutary – most email addresses are too complicated.

The more personal the e-mail address, the more likely people are to remember it, even after several drinks. After five pints, 82 per cent of those left standing still remembered [email protected] and [email protected]. Only a third remembered [email protected].

“These days, it’s not what you know, nor who you know, it’s whose e-mail address you know,” said Carl Harris, e-business consultant at “People are now exchanging e-mail addresses as they used to exchange phone numbers. They have to be memorable if you want to retain contacts – that means the fewer digits, dots and dashes, the better.”

“Say you go to a party and meet Susie Smith, who has a nice smile, and she asks you to email her,” added Harris. “You’re more likely to remember her address if it’s [email protected]. But [email protected] will have left your mind before you’ve left the party.” offers users the chance to use their names as web addresses, and will look for alternative names if their choice is taken. Now, that’s how to make an impression.


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