Aspect and Annexio partner to deliver multichannel CRM solutions
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Annexio has signed an agreement to host and re-sell Aspect’s CRM solutions. Using the Aspect Customer Relationship Portal, Annexio will provide fully-blended, multichannel-hosted contact center services to small and medium enterprises at a reasonable price.

Annexio will help its clients expand the contact options they offer to their customers, such as contact prioritization based on business rules that apply to all support channels – web click-to-talk voice over IP (VoIP), text chat, telephone and email.

MaxLife is one of Annexio’s first clients, using the Aspect Portal to give its customers real-time access to health-related information and services.

“We feel that there is tremendous need in the marketplace for the combination of a best-of-breed product like the Aspect Portal with our services,” said Gerry Barber, senior vice president of Annexio’s eCRM services. “With this solution in place, our clients can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their contacts aren’t going into an email black hole or not being handled quickly. Our clients’ customers are going to experience a high level of service that doesn’t deviate according to the channels they use to make contact.”

“One of the keys to delivering this type of service,” continued Barber, “is the ability to make decisions and change contact-handling priorities on the fly. Reading reports tomorrow or next week about what happened today means that any costs I could have saved, any service level agreements I could have enforced by making real-time changes today, are lost. In my opinion, Aspect technology has the best real-time functionality of any of the offerings on the market.”

“Annexio can reduce the information technology burdens of its clients and free up their time and resources to focus on their core businesses,” said Gary Smith, Aspect’s chief operating officer. “They can rest easy knowing that Annexio is using the same Aspect solutions that most Fortune 50 companies rely on to tie together all of the vital components of an effective CRM strategy to reduce costs and improve service delivery quickly.”

“We are pleased to be associated with and be a partner with Aspect,” said Raj Kaushal, Annexio’s chief executive officer. “Now customers large and small can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology offering.”

The Aspect Portal enables Annexio to quickly develop custom business rules for its clients that can be applied to all of its clients’ customer contacts. For example, a premier customer who calls on the phone and gets routed to a top agent will have the same experience via email and the web. The portal enables Annexio to easily integrate customer, sales and marketing data that sits on disparate front- and back-office systems and deliver that data to agents. Agents then have a complete view of the customers they are interacting with and can take advantage of cross- and up-selling opportunities.

Annexio provides initial implementation and integration of the Aspect technology as a critical element of its Annexion ASP (application service provider) Platform, controlling data management and providing continuous, uninterrupted connectivity and support. Customers purchase access to Annexion on a per user per month basis, which is cheaper than purchasing individual software licenses, attempting to integrate the software functionality, integrating software with business functions and maintaining the operating infrastructure. Annexio’s professional services group integrates a client’s business functions with Annexion for a single, all-inclusive integration charge.

Annexio has been providing technology solutions to businesses since 1985. The company was created to develop the proprietary, patent-pending Annexion core solutions platform in order to provide additional services to client companies as an application service provider. The company’s corporate office is located in Nashville, Tennessee. The company also maintains offices in San Jose, California, Chicago, Illinois, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and Chandigarh, India.

Aspect Communications Corporation is the leading provider of customer relationship portals, contact servers for managing dynamic customer contact transactions across all wired and wireless communication channels. Aspect is the only company today that delivers a complete multichannel contact center – the core of any company’s CRM strategy. The Aspect Portal synchronizes all customer contact points, including live and self-service, with demonstrated customer ROI. Aspect’s leadership in CRM is based on 15 years of experience and over 7,600 implementations deployed worldwide. Aspect powers 74% of the Fortune 50, and is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, with offices in major cities around the world.


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