Aveo Provides One-One, Real-Time Customer Communication

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Aveo, the developer of pre-emptive technical and customer support for personal computer users, has introduced technology support commerce, a consumer marketing and revenue model which is aimed at bridging technology support with technology sales. Using t-commerce, Aveo have said, will enable companies to tap into a new revenue stream by leveraging their Attune Service to facilitate one-to-one, just-in-time customer communication that stimulates product sales and ensures complete consumer privacy.

“Aveo’s t-commerce model represents a whole new way to market directly to consumers, without compromising individuals’ privacy,” said Stan Rapp, CEO and chairman of McCann Relationship Marketing Worldwide. “This t-commerce model is a much needed, innovative, ethical and effective approach to one-to-one customer communication and marketing,” continued Rapp, who also is a member of the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame and author of several best selling books on the one-to-one marketing revolution.

The companies partners can use t-commerce to offer their consumers an easier and more helpful way to purchase the products and services they need to keep their PCs running smoothly. For example, a printer manufacturer can use Aveo’s Attune Service to send targeted messages to their customers before they run out of ink. If a user sees the message, “Your printer is running out of ink; would you like to purchase an ink cartridge now?” and says yes, Attune then guides the user step-by-step to purchase the correct ink cartridge directly from the appropriate printer manufacturers’ Web site.

T-commerce methodology uses the power of consumers’ PCs coupled with advanced Internet technology to offer Aveo’s partners a highly effective way to market to their customers, all while maintaining complete end-user privacy. These partners then can target new and existing customers with the right information to drive purchases - whether for upgrades or for ink cartridges - based on users’ real-time computing needs and the actual condition of their PCs.

“Aveo’s t-commerce initiative enables our partners to reach customers with relevant messages that help them improve their computing experience, in a non-intrusive manner and without invading their privacy,” said Paul Hurley, CEO of Aveo. “Essentially, we are ‘breaking the laws of physics’ for direct marketing by being the first in the industry to effectively solve the ‘direct marketing with privacy’ issues that cloud the success of commerce over the Internet.”

Aveo’s t-commerce initiative is said to stem from the company’s background in pre-emptive technical support and its development of the Attune Service, Internet-based messaging that delivers targeted customer support and advice to PC users before a potential computing problem occurs. Attune, originally launched on the Internet last May and now shipping on new PCs and software products, is purported to continuously and unobtrusively checks PC systems for possible problems and delivers new, relevant and timely information messages only where applicable. These messages, called Intelligrams, provide the user with “plain English” solutions and corrective software.

Attune also checks PC systems for relevant opportunities for the user to purchase upgrades, products and services that will help improve their computing experience. Aveo extended the Attune Service to include the t-commerce model with the intention of allowing its partners to deliver both targeted customer support as well as commerce offerings directly to a qualified user base. Utilizing the broad communication capabilities of the Attune Network, Aveo claim their partners can use t-commerce to convert users’ immediate computing needs into lucrative commerce opportunities.


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