Big boys hold hands to speed up web business
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IBM and 35 other companies are combining to encourage a software standard to ease the way businesses do business with each other.

Because of the many technologies used by e-marketplaces, the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) Project addresses two issues:
• a platform-neutral set of specifications so that businesses can describe themselves and their preferred means of conducting e-commerce.
• the shared operation of a UDDI Business Registry in which companies describe how they conduct commerce and find web services or products.

The UDDI Project is an open industry initiative in which any organization can participate. The specifications build on core Internet standards – including TCP/IP, HTML and XML – and are independent of any underlying platform, language, object model, business application or marketplace.

Although based on XML, the registry can also describe services implemented using HTML, Java, CORBA, Microsoft Windows DNA, or any other type of programming model or language. The registry can be discovered, integrated and programmatically invoked using XML.

Supporting the UDDI Project are American Express, Andersen Consulting, Ariba, Bowstreet, Cargill, Clarus, Commerce One, CommerceQuest, Compaq, CrossWorlds, Dell, Descartes, Extricity, Fujitsu, Great Plains, i2, IBM, Internet Capital Group, Loudcloud, match21, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft , NEON, Nortel, NTT, Rational Software, RealNames, Sabre Holdings, SAP, Sun Microsystems, TIBCO, Ventro, Versata, VeriSign, VerticalNet. and webMethods.



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