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20th Jul 1999

The Hong Kong-based Wing Hang Bank has introduced a new Compaq-based data warehouse system to streamline its customer profiling operation.

Initially available to approximately 35 users in the corporate banking and financial management divisions, Wing Hang insiders say the new system will eventually be extended throughout the bank's headquarters as well as to customer service staff in the bank's 40 branches.

Based on the Compaq Alphaserver 4100 running the Tru64 Unix operating system and SAS Institute relational database, the new warehouse provides more than 20 gigabytes of storage with 100 user licenses.

The system provides Wing Hang CRM staff with the ability to process and analyse the bank's customer transaction data - currently estimated at 800 megabytes a month.

At the front end of the new warehouse system, staff will use Windows-based PCs to draw up a comprehensive profile of each customer.

The SAS relational database transforms, validates and consolidates source information extracted mainly from the bank's mainframe.

The information is then stored in a date warehouse repository on the Alphaserver/Unix system.

Wing Hang Bank


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