Big Three dominate rocketing sales of mobile phones
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The global mobile phone market is reaping the benefits of the proliferation of the wireless Web. During the second quarter of 2000, worldwide sales totaled 98 million units, according to Dataquest analysts, and sales in excess of 420 million units are expected by the end of 2000.

The ‘Big Three’ handset manufacturers continue to dominate mobile phone sales. Together, Nokia, Motorola and Ericcson accounted for 53% of worldwide mobile phone sales during the second quarter. Although performance remains important, brand recognition speaks louder than some transitory performance advantage.

“Comprehensive changes are taking place in key global markets that comprise much of the volume, from second generation voice-centric handsets to data-enabled devices of varying flavors, such as iMode, wireless application protocol (WAP), and so forth,” said Bryan Prohm, of Dataquest’s Mobile Terminal Worldwide program.

“Mainstream market stability should return early in 2001, after the changeover to WAP and next generation products gains momentum. Meanwhile, the shift to lower-end phones lowers barriers to market entry. There are more competitive share players now than in past years; supply has finally caught up with demand,” said Prohm.

Dataquest’s Mobile Communications Worldwide program gives detailed analysis of major sectors in 10 regions and major countries.

Dataquest provides the high-technology and financial communities with market intelligence for the semiconductor, computer systems and peripherals, communications, document management, software, and services sectors of the global information technology industry.



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