Brit marketers failing to get the message to customers via email
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UK marketers’ are lagging behind their French and German counterparts in terms of the proportion of legitimate emails that successfully get delivered directly to consumers’ inboxes

Inbox placement rates are falling as UK marketers fail to abide by best practice and turn a blind eye to the fact that their sent emails are not reaching their intended targets, according to the latest bi-annual Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report from email certification and reputation monitoring company Return Path.

One in every 13 legitimate emails sent by UK marketers (7.8%) now goes missing completely – – compared to just one in 37 legitimate emails sent by their German counterparts (2.8%) and one in 17 legitimate emails sent by French marketers (5.8%).

The findings show that UK marketers are failing to reach the inboxes of millions of customers who want to receive their emails. the percentage of emails that go straight to consumers’ inboxes – has fallen 3.5% since December 2009 despite greater awareness of simple best practice methods that tackle the problem.

Marketers’ inbox placement rates have since declined to 86.4%, and one in ten legitimate emails (10.1%) failed to reach consumers’ inboxes mainly because marketers are making simple mistakes and are turning a blind eye to the fact that their sent emails are not reaching their intended targets.

Implementing best practice tactics – such as tidying up email address lists, implementing win-back campaigns and acting upon consumers’ unsubscribe requests – ensures that marketers’ emails reach consumers who have requested to receive their emails.

The benchmarking study measured how many emails make it into the inboxes of consumers with the largest ISPs worldwide between January and June 2011. Return Path has been collecting data on the success of millions of email marketing campaigns since July 2009 to gain the most comprehensive picture of global inbox placement rates.

Richard Gibson, Channel Relationship Manager at Return Path, said: “Early adopter email marketing managers at companies like Friends Reunited and Groupon have proved that it is possible to dramatically improve inbox placement rates, and even achieve 100 per cent of emails reaching consumers’ inboxes, by acting on best practice and new technology improvements.

“Our research shows that high percentages of leading UK brands are still not reaching the inboxes of their consumers. They are aware of what needs to be done but have been unable or unwilling to include even the most basic best practice methods, such as sending new customers a welcome message, enabling a simple email subscription opt-out process and offering consumers appropriate permission levels in their emails. If marketers do not adopt these simple, but efficient, best practice methods their email marketing campaigns will continue to fail.”

“Marketers who still rely on the ‘bounce rate’ metric for their inbox placement rate are given a false sense of success of their email marketing campaigns. This practice does not take into account emails that go straight to spam folders or messages that simply disappear into the ether without providing the sender with a notification that it has not been received by their intended recipient,” Gibson added.

Regionally, North America has the highest inbox placement rates with 86% of legitimate email reaching the inbox. European marketers followed closely behind in second with 84%. Of the 16% of emails that didn’t reach European consumers’ inboxes, 6 per cent went to spam folders while 10% went missing completely.

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