[email protected] poised to offer CRM on a grand scale

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Since its inception last year, Caribiner has been working to provide the ideal place for companies to develop new economy business solutions. Now it has created [email protected], a state-of-the-art CRM lab and contact centre, equipped to develop practical solutions that focus on maximising customer relationships using the latest multi-channel technology.

[email protected] celebrated at a launch event within its offices, when the team was joined by peers and partners to view the facility and take a sneak preview at the new technologies that will be at the forefront of business operations in the future. Caribiner also launched a report entitled UK Executive Views on eCRM, insights into current attitudes towards CRM. The report was based on the company’s own market research across a range of FTSE 100 companies, SMEs and new economy companies at director level.

[email protected] has been designed as a resource for both blue chip and well-funded new media companies that plan to develop a customer-focused business strategy across an array of channels, including the internet, WAP and interactive TV. Companies can use the facilities to develop pilot projects, which ensure that implementation runs smoothly before the projects scale-up to manage business on a national or international level.

Chief operating officer Alison Smith said: “[email protected] was developed because there was a real need for a facility where multi-channel CRM solutions could be implemented quickly, cost-effectively and safely. Companies who understand the benefits of adopting a CRM strategy also know that there is a billion dollar industry offering any number of electronic, or eCRM, solutions. [email protected] is the place to test and adapt the best solutions to a company’s individual requirements. Its team of business experts will also help develop the business processes, which maximise the effectiveness of their eCRM solution. [email protected] provides the whole CRM package.”

The company has already been instrumental in launching a number of new economy companies that have successfully emerged from Caribiner’s investment division, [email protected]. Last September, for example, [email protected] played a major role in the success of a campaign launched by ISP BigBlueSpot to deliver free computers to students. Now, [email protected] is poised to offer similar services on a grand scale to major blue chips and international operators.

Caribiner chief executive officer Howard Seaton said: “We believe [email protected] offers a unique facility key to the development of a booming market. Business is now waking up to the potential of CRM and how it can exploit technology to deliver profit. [email protected] is here to deliver that potential.”

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