Call centers too reliant on IT
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A new survey has shown that the efficiency of call centres is often impaired becuase the call centre staff are dependent on IT departments to effect even the most minor amendments in any part of the process.

The survey - commissioned by call centre and CRM software solutions provider, Noetica - examined the comments of 75 call centre-based participants. The survey was focussed in part on the issues of timing in the structure of campaign creation and campaign modifications, and the potential problems caused by the necessity of adapting or altering the campaign.

Many call centre technologies are extremely intricate, and this can result in IT departments having to become involved sometimes for something as small as a minor alteration to a sales script. Enforced reliance on technical staff to deal with these problems can be frustrating for call centre staff and their managers.

Apart from engendering a feeling of frustration among the call centre staff, the reliance on IT departments has a serious effect on the timescales of campaign implementations. The survey showed that in 80% of cases, all issues connected with the implementation or modification of campaigns are dealt with by the IT department. This has the knock-on effect of lengthening the time between the concept of the campaign, and its actual launch, to several weeks.

When every small modification needs to be implemented by skilled technical professionals, this means that even after the launch of the campaign, delays are inevitable each time there is a requirement for a minimal change in the script. Around a quarter of the survey's respondents stated that such alterations might well take several days. Each technical change then necessitates a re-training session for the call centre staff, and again this was an issue of major importance to many of the respondents: 57% stipulated that the logistics of retraining constituted a serious concern.

Commercial Director at Noetica, Keith Symondson, comments, "This survey tells us something that we've always known at Noetica - that call centre managers and their staff are frustrated by their dependence on IT support. That's the reason we designed our callflow scripting product, Synthesys, to make it easy and quick for non-technical call centre staff to design and amend callflows. The product's dynamic branching capability permits an unlimited series of what-if scenarios, and allows staff to design intuitive, logical and conversational callflows for agents, aiding the whole CRM process."


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