Calls to Create ‘intelligent call centre’
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As call centres flourish and consumers get increasingly tired of unwanted sales calls during dinner – Telecom Service Centres Ltd (TSC) is collaborating with customer modelling experts, Quadstone to create a pioneering ‘intelligent call centre’.
The move will mean faster, smarter and more accurate call management practices that “make the phone ring” for TSC clients. 

At the core of the intelligent call centre is Quadstone’s award-winning Decisionhouse software which builds detailed models on how each customer is likely to behave. 
This means that because call centre staff are better informed about who they are calling and the precise services customers might be interested in; customers receive fewer inappropriate calls; and TSC’s clients receive more profitable telemarketing campaigns. 
Traditionally, customer calling lists have been built from demographic and geographic customer information. However, Decisionhouse brings a new dimension to call targeting by incorporating behavioural information into the customer model.

TSC has installed Decisionhouse to help understanding customer behaviour. Decisionhouse incorporates the technical elements of reporting, statistics, visualisation, database query and OLAP into a single customer modelling solution that the analyst can use from the desktop. It is backed by the highest levels of computing power to analyse the detailed data for millions of customers. 

Ian Rippin, general manager at TSC believes this is the future of customer value management systems as the demand grows for higher response rates and increased accuracy in the calls made.

He says: “Customers are getting smarter and the demand for their fidelity is fierce. By combining our call centre operations with Decisionhouse, TSC can keep customers coming back.”

He adds: “We work in a fast environment where people and their actions need to be interpreted quickly. Decisionhouse has allowed us to place the investigation of the data with the business users where it belongs.”

Quadstone’s marketing director, Mark Smith adds: “Telemarketing is no longer just about having sophisticated telephony, the bank of information which agents have to support them is a crucial element. Coupling the unique CRM capabilities of Decisionhouse with TSC’s customer value management systems has created a natural synergy which can be applied across the spectrum of modern telemarketing practices.”

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