Cap Gemini Ernst & Young launches $30m global branding campaign
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Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is launching a major global branding campaign, marking a new phase for the company as it continues its expansion.

The campaign was developed by D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles with a budget of $30 million.

“We are particularly proud to have achieved the complete cycle of brand definition, advertising agency search and launch of the advertising campaign in just five months,” said Patrick Boccard, director of corporate communication for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

Creative execution shows a series of brilliant yet simple solutions which come from innovative thinking. The images include a footprint on the moon, a baby’s pacifier and a light bulb. In each image is Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s icon which has been part of the corporate identity since the company’s inception in 1967.

“Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is the only major consultancy with a logo as part of its graphic identity,” said Boccard. “We decided to use the logo to symbolize our commitment to entrepreneurial creativity and business innovation.”

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young was named in a recent book on business superbrands, in which chairperson, Marcel Knobil said, “It is no accident that by far the majority of these brands have been built upon a high quality product or service, lived up to their promises, stood for something distinctive, generated considerable awareness, defined a clear personality, and remained faithful to their brand principles.”

Advertising will run in print media in 15 countries (Europe, North America and Asia) until December.

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is one of the largest management and IT consulting firms in the world. It employs 56,000 people worldwide and reports global revenues of about $6.5 billion.

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young


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