Case Study: Air 2000 flies high on customer feedback
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As the holiday industry becomes more competitive, airlines are going the extra mile to make holidaymakers’ journeys more memorable.

Sun seekers expect superior service. The flight is part of the holiday, and today’s package holiday starts as soon as you set foot in the airport.

Air 2000, owned by UK tour operator First Choice Holidays, flies nearly seven million passengers to holiday destinations around the globe every year. The company has won many awards, but realised that it had to manage feedback from customers to stay ahead of its competitors. With numbers growing steadily and an expanding fleet of aircraft, Air 2000 needed a system to monitor what was happening within the business – from the customer’s point of view.

CRM’s the solutions
To cater for the growing demand for additional in-flight services, Air 2000 invested in a Customer Management software solution to take service to new heights. The solution is Charter, from Swallow Information Systems, to track customer feedback and to manage pre-flight booking requirements.

Before the system was installed in 1999, complaints and enquiries were handled over the telephone or by letter, and there was no way of tracking customer feedback.

…and after
Passengers wanting extra legroom, special dietary requirements or in-flight luxuries, can now contact Air 2000 via phone, fax and email to book their requests. The airline has also implemented PDQ, which allows it to authorise and refund credit card transactions over the telephone in real time. This means customers can order and pay for pre-bookable extras such as champagne and truffles in one phone call.

While the customer is on the line, information from Charter integrates with back-end transaction processing software to authorise credit card payment.

Flexible service
Air 2000 has been able to complete a greater number of transactions due to the system’s efficiency, which allows customers to add to and change their bookings up to four days before their flight.

Enquiries, concerns and complaints received by the customer service office via email, fax and letter are recorded into the central database. Contact is immediately acknowledged by an automated response and all enquiries are dealt with within 14 working days.

What’s the problem?
Charter incorporates BusinessObjects reporting software which has already improved service and efficiency. Air 2000 is able to drill through the data, identify individual problems and change working practices for the benefit of the customer.

Michelle Drage, director of inflight services said: “Before Charter was installed, we were unable to see where we were falling down on individual service issues. The system’s reporting function allows us to identify and resolve problems within a matter of days. Knowing more about our customers enables us to swiftly change aspects of our service in line with feedback.”

“Charter has turned our customer service operation around. Thanks to the system, we have been able to gather feedback to change our business practices for the better, speed up booking and reservation, increase revenue and most importantly, improve service for our customers,” she continued.

“We want to ensure that every flight with Air 2000 is part of the holiday experience.”

Air 2000


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