‘Category of one’ products set to convert CRM cynics

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Xchange, the eCRM software and services provider, is helping marketers to reach consumers jaded by early attempts at customer relationship marketing. 

Xchange 4.0 is a new suite of products for online and offline marketing in real-time. This means that companies can tailor campaigns to specific customers at a moment’s notice, because Xchange cuts out ill-timed, insensitive or irrelevant communications.

For instance, they can eliminate the risk of emailing an offer to a customer who has complained five minutes earlier, or adapt web pages according to the sites the customer has visited in the last hour. 
Aimed primarily at clicks-and-mortar businesses, Xchange 4.0 signals a move away from traditional CRM techniques which segment customers according to assumptions drawn from generic profile or behaviour types. 

“Consumers are becoming immune to CRM tactics. They’re no longer impressed when a company offers them a special discount because it’s their birthday, or a sports TV channel because they happen to be male and under 30,” said Tony Heywood, managing director at Xchange. “The only customer categories worth using are categories of one,” he added.

The Xchange 4.0 suite comprises:
Xchange Dialogue – a range of products for online and offline customer communication management. 
Xchange Optimiser – tools for evaluating campaigns and individual customer behaviour, and generating actionable information.
Xchange Real Time – an enterprise application integration solution to enable real-time synchronisation of customer communications across multiple channels.
Xchange Solution Services – a range of services to help companies implement and manage eCRM, including data infrastructure services and application integration. 
Xchange also offers creative marketing consultancy and advice on permission-based and online marketing.It is available as a licensed solution, or as a fully managed service, hosted by Xchange.


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