Cisco’s new switching line – a big punch in a small box
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Cisco Systems has just introduced a new catalyst switch that ensures network agility and provides a high-density and cost-effective solution in the wiring closet. Cisco says that the new Catalyst 2980G is the highest density, small form factor non-blocking switch on the market in a compact package.

The catalyst switch is suitable for small to medium size wiring closet enterprise environments (approximately 80 users) that want to simplify their networks and still use new net business applications. With its high port density, small size, and performance capabilities, the 2980G brings customers increased productivity and reduced congestion.

“Our network needed a simple yet intelligent switch solution that could help alleviate potential network bottlenecks all the way down to the desktop”, noted Michael Olteanu, of Network Engineering at Wells Fargo Bank. “With the 2980G we know we will receive the benefits of the catalyst line in a high-density form and at a price that's right-sized for our environment.”

The 2 rack unit (RU) chassis's compact size (only 3.5 inches tall, or 8.8cm) is well suited for environments such as wiring closets where space is at a premium,  and doesn’t need additional modules, interconnect cables or re-configuration.

The 2980G offers a robust set of switching features that enable the enterprise wiring closet to remain agile and flexible as networking requirements expand. It can address both the growing need for high performance gigabit ethernet as well as lower-cost fast ethernet technology. Offering 80 10/100Mbps ethernet ports with two full-duplex 1000Base X gigabit ethernet uplinks (GBIC slots), the 2980G can be configured with a variety of interfaces depending upon the network operation requirements.

The 2980G supports a non-blocking architecture with 24Gbps total capacity that can support all 82 ports at wire speed, minimising traffic congestion from network growth. Features include support of multiple loadsharing trunks (Fast EtherChannel), multiple spanning trees and fast network convergence services (PortFast and UplinkFast).

With an end-to end solutions approach, Cisco's 2980G uses catalyst system software that can be used with all other members of the Catalyst family including the 4000, 5000 and 6000 platforms. The 2980G has advanced scalability, bandwidth management, network resiliency and security capabilities as well as web-based CiscoWorks 2000 network management software.

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