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According to BI solutions vendor Cognos, Zurich Commercial, the insurance and risk management company is using Cognos technology to maintain competitive edge .  The company's Web solution is used to access and analyze the customer profile information from its CRM system from anywhere, at any time.  Zurich Commercial's Web-enabled data warehouse holds all its business information and is currently used by 200 branch, underwriting and marketing staff. 

"The Cognos solution is now invaluable to our staff," said Andy Stephens, management information manager at Zurich Commercial. "What Cognos does is to help us with our customer relationship management," he continued. "We can now determine their profile and needs and how best to manage our contact with them. With clearer insight, we can now meet our individual customer needs and build customer-specific products."

"Throughout Zurich Commercial, there has been a very positive reaction to Cognos. The solution is speedy, efficient and user-friendly meaning we are now making better and more informed decisions," says Simon Arnett, IS development and support manager. "Cognos has helped us reach our goal to be the leading customer-focused commercial insurer in the UK."

The solution replaced what Cognos described as 'static, costly and time consuming monthly reports'.  The Cognos solution is now said to solve key challenges including the analysis of the most and least profitable customers and which financial products to target at particular types of customer.

Stephens explains, "Now the reports are dynamic and enable us to explore the data, and to get exactly what we want. For example, branch managers can now analyze their own areas; see which are the best and worst performing products; the most profitable customers and productive sales opportunities by a selection of key performance indicators".

"Better understanding of our business, customers and marketplace will be our differentiator," added Stephens. "Deployment over the Web of Cognos' solution is the way forward for Zurich Commercial."

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