Compaq launches its ‘w-business’ pocket revolution
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Compaq has launched the next revolution in “w-business” to allows mobile workforces access to e-mail, corporate intranets and the Internet.

“Computing is moving into an era of pervasive information driven by the demand for information when and where customers need it,” said Jerry Meerkatz, Compaq’s general manager of Internet products and services.

Based on the iPAQ Pocket PC, a collection of solutions allow mobile employees to send and receive e-mail and connect to corporate intranets and the Internet.

iPAQnet mobility solutions include:
• Internet – at a flat monthly rate for unlimited wireless access.
• E-mail – an end-to-end business solution that delivers secure wireless access to Microsoft Exchange e-mail. Compaq has partnered with Infowave Software to deliver wireless e-mail.
• Intranet – offering access to corporate intranets and web-based applications. This solution is also the result of the partnership with Infowave.

“We designed iPAQnet to give our customers a seamless family of products and solutions that enable them to access, communicate and manage e-mail and information stored on corporate networks and the Internet,” said Ted Clark, vice president of wireless Internet solutions for Compaq.

Compaq is dedicated to shaping the future of handheld computing. The Compaq solutions alliance, with 1,300 current member companies and 11,000 subscribers, delivers information, support, and tools to help create solutions for the iPAQ Pocket PC.

“Nothing stands in the way of a business transitioning employees to a completely mobile, untethered computing environment,” said Clark.



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