Compaq unveils a ‘first’ for storage
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Compaq Computer Corporation has unveiled a management strategy for enterprise storage, including Open SANs (storage area networks) and industry-leading RAID array systems.

The strategy provides global e-businesses with new ways to manage rapidly growing storage resources. New disk array products offer modular building blocks that provide customers with storage that can be bought as they grow.

“The Open SAN will provide greater choice for customers looking for solutions to expand their storage capacity while at the same time increasing operational flexibility.” said Howard Elias, vice president of Compaq.

Dave Hill of Aberdeen Group, said: “Compaq's Enterprise Network Storage Architecture (ENSA) envisions a world where pools of storage will be available as a transparent utility to users. Compaq is delivering customers important SAN management tools which help to make this utility a reality.”

Compaq's Enterprise Network Storage Management supports Compaq's Enterprise Network Storage Architecture (ENSA) and manages Open SAN storage throughout an enterprise. ENSA technology standardizes on web-based user interfaces and state-of-the-art management appliances. The entry point is a portal called the SANworks™ Enterprise Network Storage Manager.

The new products and applications include: Enterprise Network Storage Manager, Open SAN Manager, SANworks™ Management Appliance, SANworks™ Resource Monitor, SANworks™ Storage Allocation Reporter, and StorageWorks™ Modular Array 8000 and Enterprise Modular Array 12000.

SANworks Open SAN Manager allows users to visualize, configure, and monitor the SAN with unparalleled ease. It is a centralized, appliance-based monitoring and management interface for the Open SAN. It is included with and resides upon the SANworks Management Appliance, which serves as the launch site for various appliance applications and provides a single aggregation point for management of the SAN.

Residing on the SANworks Management Appliance, SANworks™ Resource Monitor provides continuous and accurate event notification for StorageWorks™ switches and arrays to reduce mean time-to-repair and increase overall SAN availability. Customizable remote notification options include e-mail, alphanumeric page and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps. Authorized users can access event information anywhere, anytime via the intuitive web-based user interface.

The new generation StorageWorks modular disk arrays, the MA8000 and EMA12000, offer the same robust availability and performance for storage consolidation on heterogeneous or homogeneous SANs as the existing RA8000 and ESA12000. The modular design of the MA8000/EMA12000 has greater capacity, scalability, and flexibility with improved economies due to a reduced footprint—all without requiring changes to the existing SAN infrastructure. The system's new modular controller and drive shelves deliver the highest storage packaging density in the industry, supporting up to 132 drives in a single cabinet.

The improved enclosure configuration offers greater investment protection, with backward compatibility for current RAID controllers and with current and future universal disk drives that are deployable across the StorageWorks™, ProLiant™ and AlphaServer™ product lines. The MA8000 and EMA12000 offer a wide range of enterprise features and function for heterogeneous or homogeneous shared storage solutions, including new support for Linux® and Windows 2000®.

Compaq Computer Corporation is the largest supplier of computing systems in the world. It designs, develops, manufactures, and markets hardware, software, solutions, and services, including enterprise computing solutions, fault-tolerant business-critical solutions, and communications products, commercial desktop and portable products, and consumer PCs.

Compaq products and services are sold in more than 200 countries directly to businesses, through a network of authorized Compaq marketing partners, and directly to businesses and consumers through Compaq's e-commerce Web site. Compaq markets primarily to customers from the business, home, government, and education sectors.


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