Conflict management soothes epidemic of destruction
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Violence is alarmingly prevalent, at school and at work, and it is increasingly evident that our children and adults are lacking the skills for dealing with conflict., the psychological testing site, has launched a new test to tackles this issue head on. The Conflict Management Style Test is an excellent tool for determining one’s personal strategy and for overcoming tendencies that can lead to frustration, depression, low-self esteem, communication problems, and even violence.

This test is based on the premise that conflict is a key component to progress, and with some fighting savvy, anyone can turn conflict around for their benefit. The test is followed up with practical advice on improving one’s approach to conflict. It is an excellent tool for the prevention of escalating conflict in romantic relationships, at work or school, with friendships, in the family, and in all other aspects of daily life.

And there are many tools for learning how to deal with people.
• The Arguing Style Test assesses your personal take on the fine art of arguing.

• The Communication Skills determines how adept you are at interacting with other human beings.

• The Assertiveness Test determines whether you validate yourself in society.

• If you have a tendency to lose your cool on the road, the Driving Personality Test will assess whether you are at risk for road rage.

• To find out how you relate to your lover, both the Relationship Satisfaction Test and the Relationship Attachment Test will tune you in to any communication pitfalls.

Testing how you relate to the people around you is only one facet of testing at QueenDom. There are plenty of other tests that gauge intelligence, relationships, mental and emotional health, and career-related issues. All tests are scored online, validated and standardized, and the psychometric properties are posted on the site. They are professionally designed and totally free.

And there is more.

• In the Fine Kettle of Fish, visitors read and submit their real-life stories in all categories of life, including anger, communication, and relationships.

• In La Chaise Longue, similar issues are addressed as certified counselors respond to visitor’s questions.

• In the Self-Help Corner there is a comprehensive overview of Anger and Conflict articles, tools, discussion boards, forums, organizations, and case studies.

• Thematic Discussion Boards offer a safe place to share your story, get advice, and give your own.

If you want to get along peaceably with the people you encounter each day, QueenDom has a wealth of information for doing so.



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