Corporations losing $50 billion a year by not defragmenting disks
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International Data Corporation (IDC) analysts have identified computer disk fragmentation as a severe problem in most US corporations. The result is a performance slowdown costing $50 billion a year.

According to the new IDC report, areas that are affected cause dramatic losses in productivity, and money wasted on unnecessary hardware purchases.

“Regularly scheduled defragmentation keeps a network performing at its best,” said Paul Mason, IDC’s vice-president for Infrastructure Software Research. “Corporations are losing as much as $50 billion per year as a result of not defragmenting every server and workstation on the network.”

While this data is not broadly known by top management, a growing number of Fortune 500 companies have instituted regular defragmentation throughout the company. Citicorp, for instance, has gained in file access times and network responsiveness.

“We’ve scheduled defragmentation to run at least once a week on all our machines,” said Citicorp CIO Theobert Ahlbert. “This prevents errors on the system and boosts performance dramatically.”

Productivity losses aside, IDC calculates that $6 billion is wasted each year on unnecessary hardware purchases. Failing to recognize fragmentation as the source of the problem, many companies end up buying new machines in an effort to solve poor performance.

With corporations spending $311.5 billion dollar per year on computer hardware alone, this discovery opens the door to huge savings.

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