CUB goes for Brains
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Obtaining a customer-centric rather than product-centric view of an organisation is a challenge facing many organisations. Centralised data management is a critical element for direct sales force automation, call centre service and support, and marketing automation.

This was an issue for Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) where salespeople on the road were accessing different customer information to staff within the call centres.

The company needed to centralise customer contact, the objective being a system that would maximise long-term revenue streams by increasing sales efficiency and customer loyalty.

They choose Brains. “The software’s flexibility, and Marketing Technologies’ understanding of our needs made Brains a clear choice,” says Peter Branninghan, CUB’s national sales support manager, who, as chair of the Australian Telemarketers Association, has considerable experience with call centre packages.

“Brains allows us to analyse and understand our customers and their interactions with us as well as giving us a true view of the relationship we have with them,” he said.

The customisation and implementation of Brains involved Marketing Technologies and CUB staff. A comprehensive specification was developed, ensuring that functionality was clearly defined before programming began.

The development team included CUB database administrators, key users and trainers reducing formal training requirements and ensuring system “buy-in”.

CUB salespeople will use Brains to record and manage customer contact and run targeted campaigns for their customers. All information salespeople change is synchronised back to the central database. In addition sophisticated analysis tools enable salespeople to track their customers’ behaviour and modify their relationship accordingly.

Contact centre agents using Brains are managing customer sales and feedback using Brains for inbound and outbound contact whether via phone, mail or email.

About CUB
Carlton and United Breweries, a division of Foster's Brewing Group, is a market leader in beer, spirits and innovative alcoholic beverages.



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