Customized software helps call centers rake in more dollars
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Austin Logistics, vendor of collections, marketing and risk management solutions, has announced the release of CallSelect, a custom-tailored software solution that helps call centers measure the effect of a collection call. 
This tool estimates the likelihood of payments with and without collection calls, which gives a better understanding of delinquent customers. 

“CallSelect takes lenders out of the position where they waste time and money contacting accounts that would have paid regardless, or those that wouldn’t have paid under any circumstances,” says Dan Duncan, vice-president of Austin Logistics. 
A notable feature is the identification of self-cures, accounts that will pay whether an agent contacts them or not. According to Duncan, these habitual slow-payers amount to two-thirds of early stage delinquents and are weeded out, so that resources are directed to those accounts that cure with a call. For later stage accounts, resources are focused on those accounts still willing and able to make payments. 

CallSelect reveals who to call and most importantly, who not to call. It goes beyond generic scoring, because it measures the impact each call has on each account by estimating the likelihood of payment with and without calls.

The application automatically gathers data from a variety of internal sources, retains relevant data in a central database, and redevelops all models frequently. “CallSelect represents a real breakthrough in behavioral scoring,” says Duncan.
Founded in 1992, Austin Logistics develops, markets and supports software solutions and services for the management of business-to-consumer relationships. 


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