Cyber force to tackle billion dollar fraudsters
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A UK network of cybercrime specialists is just one part of a $35.5 million bid to curb criminal use of the Internet. At the moment, the UK has only five cybercrime police investigators.

Forty or so specialist law enforcement officers will work from the National High-Tech Crime Unit, based at the London headquarters of the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS). Another 40 will work with the regional police forces as part of a programme due to be up-and-running by next spring.

The UK Government says it aims to make the UK the best and safest place in the world to conduct and engage in e-commerce.

The Confederation of British Industry, the UK employers’ organisation, said that government should consult with business to ensure that the funds were properly spent. It is undertaking a survey to establish how much is lost in business through fraud on the internet. Estimates range from $4.3 million to $7 billion annually.

The government is spending another $35.5 million on a new National Technical Assistance Centre to decode the intercepted material.

Cybercrime – from paedophiles to fraudsters – was discussed at a recent G8 meeting, and it was agreed that more resources were needed to deal with the issue.



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