Database firm launches online profiling tool
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The Database Group has launched InfoView, an online consumer profiling service, after a six month rigorous testing programme with over 30 beta users.

InfoView allows marketers to obtain a first snapshot of any customer group – a necessary preliminary to any target marketing exercise. With this initial profile describing what type of people are in the customer group, and how they are distributed around the country, marketers can then move to detailed analytical exercises to guide their campaign and CRM strategies.

Shane Baylis, MD of The Database Group, said: “Profiling informs marketers’ assumptions and received wisdom, ensuring that strategies and tactics are built on a solid, scientific basis.

“Delivering the InfoView service online has allowed us to streamline administration. This is a real case of the Internet helping marketers to obtain lower cost access to understanding their customers and prospects.”

InfoView users submit files online for analysis. The resulting report, delivered by e-mail, describes the main characteristics of the submitted file. These encompass: gender; marital status; age; occupation; income; tenure; newspaper readership preferences; geodemographic analysis; postcode area distribution; TV region distribution; number of duplicates; postcode quality; suppression report.

New users will be offered their first report free of charge.



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