DataDistilleries Maximises the Value of Customer Interactions with the Launch of DD Series Version 3.0
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DD Series 3.0 enables businesses to get the most value out of their customers by predicting their behaviour and interacting with insight in ‘true’ real-time.

LONDON, 10th December 2001 – DataDistilleries, the leading provider of predictive, real-time analytical solutions, today announces the launch of DD Series 3.0. This new suite allows businesses to confidently advise their customers by providing agents with the most appropriate offer based on a full understanding of the customer’s situation at the point of contact, whether that customer is calling the contact centre, emailing or visiting the website.

Using DD Series Version 3.0, businesses can accurately predict customer behaviour and present the most relevant and profitable offers. This dramatically increases the value of each customer interaction and improves customer satisfaction as inappropriate offers are excluded.

Enterprises today are faced with the challenge of doing more with less resources and budgets, meaning driving more revenue out of existing technology investments as well as stricter cost justification of any new investments. This requires an intense focus on existing customers because investing in campaigns to acquire and replace lost customers is costly. Therefore it is essential that every customer interaction be treated as an opportunity to generate more value.

“In a business climate where doing more with less is the challenge, focusing your limited resources on growing the wallet share of existing customers is essential for success”, says Marcel Holsheimer, President & Founder at DataDistilleries. “DD Series 3.0 maximizes the value of customer interactions through capabilities that help understand and predict at the speed of the market and interact at the speed of the customer.”

Unveiling several unique technological advances, DataDistilleries further helps enterprises get more out of their operational CRM systems, such as Siebel Call Center, Siebel Marketing, Chordiant and BroadVision One-to-One Enterprise, by maximizing the value of customer interactions.

DD Series 3.0 provides a Unified Customer View capability, ensuring that all interactions begin with a complete understanding of the current situation of the customer. Based on a current understanding of the customer’s situation the Advanced Offer Qualification capabilities prevent profitable interactions that represent too great a risk from occurring. From the potential profitable interactions the Value Based Optimisation capabilities ensure that the most valuable offer in terms of profitability and likelihood of response is presented at the moment of interaction.

Evan Kirchheimer, CRM managing analyst at Datamonitor, commented: "Today,
businesses want short-term gains and quick ROI from their CRM investments. Datamonitor believes that analytical CRM becomes all the more crucial in a recession, because analytics make operational solutions more effective. Accurate analysis of customer relationships is key, in order to both quantify and increase the value of these relationships. Doing this in real-time, while the customer is interacting with an agent or an operational system, will be an important service differentiator. Solutions like DD Series Version 3.0, which apply real-time analytics to any channel, have demonstrated that they enhance the value of a company's marketing, sales and service departments, while accelerating ROI from existing CRM investments."
Version 3.0 Highlights in Detail:
The Unified Customer View establishes a consistent view of each customer, based on data combined from any enterprise data source. This view supports bulk access and high- performance real-time access, as well as the deployment of analytical models in a real-time environment. As a result, DD Series Version 3.0 users have a consistent interaction strategy across their marketing, sales, service, and other customer-facing channels, regardless of CRM environment.

Advanced Offer Qualification assesses customers at the moment of interaction to detect potential fraud or credit risk and automatically blocks offers to these customers. DD Series bases its assessment not only on external credit data (if available) but also on historical customer data and the current customer situation. As a result DD Series will outperform traditional credit scoring systems and offer the advantage of having credit scoring integrated in the marketing process.

DD Series Version 3.0’s unique Value Based Optimisation facility extends the functionality of the DD Series real-time recommendation engine to make optimal, real-time offers based not only on the likelihood of offer acceptance, but also on the value that the offer represents to the individual customer. The system can dynamically prioritise different objectives, such as cross selling and retention, depending on contribution. As a result, Value Based Interaction Optimisation ensures maximum benefit from each customer interaction, regardless of CRM channel or vendor.

“As a long time DataDistilleries customer, our experience with DD Series 3.0 further reinforced our commitment to DataDistilleries”, says Jeroen Pronk, Database Marketer at FBTO Insurances. “Now, in addition to its best-in-class predictive real-time analytics, DataDistilleries has provided a set of capabilities which allows to generate more value out of our existing customers without increasing our resources and budgets.”

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