DoCoMo receives triple-A rating in eco-efficiency
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NTT DoCoMo has received an AAA ranking in eco-efficiency from Innovest strategic value advisors, an international investment research firm. Innovest, which links environmental performance to financial returns, screened the world's top 30 telecommunications companies against 60 different aspects of environment risk, opportunity and management.

The ratings from AAA to CCC assess the relative environmental performance (eco-efficiency) and sustainability of the company. NTT DoCoMo was the sole recipient of the triple-A ranking.

On June 1, DoCoMo unveiled a corporate environmental policy. Its basic philosophy is to strive to ensure that their business activities remain in harmony with environmental interests, and encourage lifestyles that respect the world's ecosystem. Major environmental initiatives include:

Fulfill responsibilities as a corporate citizen
• Green purchasing. Group members give priority to environmental considerations in their procurement of materials.

• Development of more compact phone terminals that consume less power

• Recycling of rechargeable batteries and handsets. As of fiscal 2000, DoCoMo had recovered approximately 9,700,000 phones and 8,200,000 adapters and 1,600,000 batteries.

• Green building design policy. The company is promoting the introduction of environmentally friendly building design concepts for all its own and affiliated facilities.

• Green R&D guidelines. DoCoMo is promoting environment-friendly research and development activities.

• Paper recycling. DoCoMo is promoting the use of recycled paper for its instruction manuals, product catalogs and paper bags.

• Using biodegradable phytogenic film for the windows of billing envelopes

Build systems to minimize corporate impacts on people and nature
• Introduction of e-billing service has reduced paper usage by 72 metric tons per annum. Users view their billing statements on their mobile phones via email and DoCoMo's website. (E-billing users receive a discount of 80 cents from basic phone charges.)

Contribute to global environmental protection
• DoCoMo has been participating in an ecological survey aimed at preserving the albatross, a bird species threatened with extinction. It is providing an image transmission system that utilizes mobile satellite communications technology to perform remote observations.

• Wood-greenery program. This re-forestation project has been carried out in Yamaguchi, Kanagawa, Hokkaido, and Kagawa prefectures. Nine more areas are targeted for re-forestation within the next five years.

• Support for numerous environmental programs and volunteer activities.

• NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its affiliated nine regional companies received ISO 14001 certification.


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