EDS leader throws down the glove to CIOs in the new economy

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Social and technical trends have driven a virtual gold rush toward the adoption of CRM solutions, adding new responsibilities for corporate information officers. EDS CRM leader Mike Littell challenges them to help their companies use CRM to meet evolving demands while managing customer interactions.

“Almost every company realizes it needs to take huge strides toward its goal of an integrated customer view in the next two years,” Littell said. “The task of making that happen will likely fall on the shoulders of the CIOs in those companies.”

Offering his insights and experience, Littell pointed out that current debates on Capitol Hill over Internet privacy compound the challenges CIOs face. “It is in the industry’s best interest to provide an adequate level of protection to achieve customer satisfaction and build trust,” he said.

“Consumers and business people will be location-independent and will access services and information on a 24x7 basis – anywhere, anytime. Instead of being tethered to a computer on a desk, we’ll be on the move, discreetly glancing at the screen on a small hand-held device, most likely a wireless phone.”

By arming salespeople with wireless devices, companies can deliver data, such as customer background, order status, inventory data, service requests and trouble tickets while their salespeople are with the customer.

EDS provides e-business and information technology services to 9,000 business and government clients in about 55 countries around the world. The company works in a wide variety of industries, including communications, energy and chemicals, financial services, government, healthcare, products and retailing, and travel and transportation.



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