eFalcon swoops on online fraudsters with IP-ID

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HNC has a new weapon in its armoury against e-commerce frauds.
Internet Protocol Address Identification, or IP-ID, identifies the country of origin of purchasers on an e-merchant’s web site, giving greater protection against fraud. This real-time detection service also gives merchants the chance to approach international customers in their own language.

Knowing the location of their customers, merchants are able to adjust their web sites to match their needs. For example, if an e-business discovers that a significant number of its customers are in Germany, it may consider adding in an entire German language section. It may, too, decide to advertise where there are more German customers.

“These days, successful e-commerce firms must anticipate the needs of their customers, expand into new business lines and geographic markets, and deliver fast, consistent, and locally-relevant content on a global scale,” said Bruce Hansen, president of HNC Financial Solutions. “With IP-ID, merchants can find out exactly where their customers are coming from and create a site or offering that is perfectly matched to their target market.”

Using IP-ID and eFalcon, merchants can deal differently with customers from different countries, identifying the right language to use or the best time to call.

HNChave incorporated Digital Island’s TraceWare application service into eFalcon. TraceWare determines with 96% accuracy the country in which a query originates.

“With TraceWare’s real-time geographical intelligence technology incorporated into eFalcon, merchants can reduce barriers to global e-commerce and attract and support new customers through an excellent end-user experience,” said Tim Wilson, vice president of Marketing at Digital.

Using IP address data, eFalcon compares the country-of-origin information with other elements within the transaction, such as the ship-to address, and alerts merchants to potentially fraudulent purchases. The benefits of IP-ID to eFalcon customers include further reductions in charge-backs, preservation of merchant account ratings, and reductions in bad-debt expenses.

eFalcon uses sophisticated neural networks, scores, and rules to distinguish between legitimate shoppers and fraudulent purchasers. It provides strategy management and customer service tools to help merchants save legitimate transactions that appear risky, as well as set policies for accepting and rejecting transactions. eFalcon is based on HNC’s Falcon payment card fraud detection technology, developed over a ten-year period and currently used to protect more than 300 million payment card accounts worldwide.

Digital Island® is a global e-Business delivery network using hosting, content delivery, network, and application services. Digital Island is headquartered in San Francisco and has a presence in 25 countries.

HNC Financial Solutions develops intelligent customer value management software solutions for the financial services and e-commerce industries. Its powerful suite of real-time decision platforms and predictive business solutions allows firms to automate new account decisioning, optimize marketing efforts, detect fraud, predict profitability, and manage the customer lifecycle.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, HNC provides predictive software solutions for the financial, telecommunications, insurance, and e-commerce service industries.


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